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Extracts from the Newsletter issued to members in July 2004.


33 023 : is understood to have been purchased from DRS by Harry Needle who will collect the locomotive from Glasgow Works shortly and is likely to be cut up for spares (noted at EMR, Kingsbury scrapyard end of Aug.)

33 025 : continues to be a very reliable performer for DRS. Following attention to flat batteries at Kingmoor in the first week of March, the locomotive has been a regular performer on the Tues/Fri 6K20 Sellafield - Sandbach and return (acid tanks) or 6P22 Sellafield - Folly Lane & 6C20 return (caustic soda tanks) with 33 030 working the trains on 6P22/6C20 on 21st, 28th May and 4th June 2004. These trains have once again run separately although on 8th June 33 025/030 top and tailed a combined 6P25 0620 Sellafield - Folly Lane with 3 acid tanks for Sandbach and 2 caustic tanks for Folly Lane returning as the 6P27 1443 Sandbach - Sellafield. This now appears to be the regular operating pattern with the train visiting Folly Lane in the morning and Sandbach in the afternoon. Locomotive had a B Exam at Carlisle in late June and travelled to Crewe on 2nd July for tyre turning at Crewe IEMD which was expected to be completed by 9th July.

33 029 : is believed to have finally received overhauled wheelsets/bogies to enable the completion of its overhaul which commenced in October 2001! Delays have partly been caused by its original overhauled bogies being used to return 33 030 to traffic in March 2003 following a major failure in January.

33 030 : following the problems with wheelsets in mid-February and minor attention for wheel slip at the end of February, has also continued to be a reliable performer, working exclusively with 33 025. In addition to the tank trains above, the locomotives also frequently work local traffic from Sellafield including the early morning Drigg trip and the Barry Ramsden Dock trip. A rare visit to Crewe occurred on 13th May when 33 030 and 33 025 worked 6K73 1535 Sellafield - Crewe flasks. 33 030 made its passenger debut in DRS colours on 19th June when it guessed at the Keighley and Worth Valley Diesel Gala working two return trips with resident 25 059 (due to 33 030 having had its vacuum brake isolated by DRS and thus being incompatible with the stock). Unfortunately the locomotive suffered flat batteries on Sunday 20th June and took no further part in the Gala, being returned to Carlisle Kingmoor for repairs by 37 259 which had also been provided for the Gala. Repairs were completed on 23rd June.

33 207 : has yet to turn a wheel in anger in 2004 and has remained out of traffic at Carlisle Kingmoor since returning for Christmas on 24th December 2003. The locomotive is shown on TOPS as requiring AWS attention and is also known to require a new cab window. Indications are that this is now finally being repaired in June with an expected ok date of 30th July 2004.


33 019 : despite donating its turbocharger to 33 202 in February, there are still plans to restore 33 019 to mainline condition. In the meantime the locomotive was moved by road to the Battlefield Line at Shackerstone on 23rd June 2004 for restoration and operation at the Railway.

33 021 : following the completion of Thameslink engineering duties in December 2003 has been stored at Hither Green due to no TPWS being fitted until mid May when it travelled with 33 108 to join 33 103 at the Mid Hants Railway Diesel Gala on 21st - 23rd May. Following the Gala the locomotive was towed via Old Oak Common to Leicester for further storage. Current indications are that it is not a priority for TPWS fitting as it is only operated by and not fully owned by Fragonset.

33 046 : still remains at Fragonset Derby, re-painted into SWT Blue livery, awaiting bogies and a turbocharger to complete its overhaul and mainline certification.

33 103 : together with 33 202 have been working hard over the first months of 2004. Following TPWS fitting in early February 2004, 33 103 has been a regular mainline performer working with 33 202 on various empty stock workings from Derby/Barrow Hill to Old Oak Common, Westbury and returning to old stamping grounds to Meldon Quarry. The two locomotives put in a sterling and faultless performance on 1st May, working Pathfinder Railtours 'The Buxton Rotator' from Yeovil to Buxton and return including an assault of the Lickey Incline from an almost standing start! They have both starred at the West Somerset Railway Diesel Gala on 7th-9th May and 33 103 was a late addition to the Mid Hants Railway Diesel Gala on 21st - 23rd May following the failure of GBRF 73 205. On 1st July the locomotive moved from Derby with 73 204 to Eastleigh and the following day worked an engineers train with 73 204/05 from Eastleigh to Kew. 33 103 was acting as insurance against failure whilst the newly overhauled Class 73's were still being proven.

33 108 : has been inactive at Hither Green since the 31st December 2003 and the completion of the Thameslink engineering work as the locomotive has not been fitted with TPWS. The locomotive starred at the Mid Hants Railway Diesel Gala with fellow Fragonset stablemates 33 021 and 33 103 on 21st -23rd May and has since moved north via Old Oak Common to Leicester for storage. The locomotive is scheduled to have TPWS fitted at some point in the near future.

33 202 : following another turbocharger failure on test after TPWS fitting on 12th February and the fitting of a replacement from 33 019, has been a reliable mainline performer with 33 103 including its visit to Buxton on railtour duties on 1st May. Those who have witnessed 33 202 in action over the past few months would all agree there still appears to be something amiss with the level of blue smoke appearing from the exhaust although the locomotive keeps going! Following the West Somerset Diesel Gala on 7th-9th May, they have become separated with 33 202 based at Derby and working several stock transfers to Oxley, including the transfer of 3 x 86 on 24th May in readiness for the Fragonset charter operation due to commence later this year. The locomotive also operated a saloon special from Stockport on 9th June to Stafford, Colwich, Stoke, and Wigan. On 28th June the locomotive ran light from Derby to Alton to take up Steam Dreams ECS duties for the foreseeable future. The locomotive was swiftly put to work on Wednesday 30th June operating from Alton - Victoria - Alton in connection with a Steam Dreams excursion to Canterbury.

Privately Owned

33 012 : continues to be a reliable performer at the Swanage Railway have worked several passenger turns already this year including a birthday charter for 71A Group Member, James Cox on 11th June which saw the locomotive complete 12 return trips from Swanage to Norden! James has provided valuable assistance to the SELG over the years in helping restore 33 063 and 33 065 to operational use.

33 048 : continues to be a reliable performer at the West Somerset Railway having starred at the recent Diesel Gala with 33103/202. The locomotive is scheduled to operate on the following dates in 2004;
10th July - Fish and Chip evening special
21st August - Fish and Chip evening special
25th September - Fish and Chip evening special
23rd/24th October - Grand Trains Weekend
Fish and Chip specials require pre-booking.

33 052 : in relative terms, has not seen a great deal of passenger use since preserved in 1997 but has seen significant activity in 2004 and following two running weekends in May, the locomotive is scheduled to star alongside our very own 33 065 at the forthcoming Kent & East Sussex Diesel Gala - 'The Load Bank' on 17th/18th June, including the Saturday evening 'Beerex' top and tailing with 33 065 on load 7!

33 102 : is now adorned with 'Templecombe' black cab window surrounds on both cab ends and will work at the annual Diesel Gala on the Churnet Valley Railway on 25th/26th September.

33 109 : remains at LNWR Crewe with bogie repairs/overhaul appearing to have come to a halt. Indeed the locomotive is now stored outside by the West Coast Mainline with clearly several internal components missing. What fate awaits this locomotive?.

33 110 : has operated on several running dates in Spring/early summer including the Saturday Diesel diagram on 5th June and 12th June. The locomotive is likely to work further rostered turns throughout the summer and will work at the Diesel Gala on 18th/19th September.

33 111 : successfully moved under its own power for the first time in preservation and the first time in 14 years on Sunday 27th June when it operated a test run to the end of Springwell sidings at Barrow Hill. Further work is still required before it is completely operational.

33 117 : has returned to service after over 12 months out of traffic at the East Lancs Railway following repairs and successfully completed test runs on Saturday 12th June 2004 when it operated the full passenger diesel diagram. 33 117 should now be operating at the forthcoming Diesel Gala from 7th-11th July. Body work attention and a repaint are still due.

33 201 : remains out of traffic for the summer season under going repairs but may return to traffic for the Midland Railway Diesel Gala in October 2004 and may well have lost its green coat of paint!

33 208 : continues to perform at the Mid Hants Railway, working at the recent Diesel Gala with its 3 Fragonset companions on 21st-23rd May. The condition of its tyres still require attention and despite once frequent mainline operation, the locomotive is unlikely to see any such return to mainline duties in the foreseeable future.

33103 & 33202 : worked Pathfinder Tours 'The Buxton Rotator' 1Z97 0410 Yeovil Junction - Buxton/1Z41 1400 return on Saturday 1st May 2004.

The photos by D.Robinson illustrate the 1Z97 arriving at Birmingham New Street and later, ready to depart Buxton for the XYZ sidings (60060 on the front) where the train reversed.

33103 + 202 arr at Birmhm. N.S., photo D.Robinson    33103 + 202 about to dep Buxton for xyz sdgs., photo D.Robinson