Information placed Thurs.1st Apr. 2004

Extracts from the Newsletter issued to members in Feb.2004.


33 025 : despite suffering oil leaks last Summer and visiting Springburn Wks 13th-23rd Aug. 2003, she has continued to be a reliable performer for DRS particularly on the Tuesdays/Fridays only Sellafield - Sandbach/Runcorn Folly Lane tanks. This working now runs direct to Sandbach with two locomotives as 6K20 0620 Sellafield - Sandbach before the train splits and one locomotive works the 6Z20 Sandbach - Sellafield (Nitric acid tanks) and the second locomotive works 6P22 Sandbach - Folly Lane and then 6C20 1446 Folly Lane - Sellafield (Caustic Soda tanks). 33 025 and 33 030 have worked these trains on every Tuesday/Friday since 9th January 2004.

33 029 : is still awaiting its overhauled bogies from Glasgow Springburn Works at Fragonset, Derby before its long awaited return to traffic. The loco last saw mainline use in 1994 and has been undergoing overhaul at Derby since Oct.2001.

33 030 : has proved to be reliable performer with 33 025 since returning to traffic in early November after traction motor repairs (seized in Sellafield area June 2003) and the fitting of TPWS. The locomotive has worked the Sandbach/Folly Lane tanks with 33 025 on every occasion since 9th January 2004.

33 207 : has also been a reliable performer on DRS traffic although has been out of traffic since 24th December 2003 at Carlisle Kingmoor awaiting a replacement cab windscreen!


33 021, 33103, 33 108 and 33 202 were on hire to South West trains throughout the Summer of 2003, seen frequently around the new Northam Depot, Southampton, and positioning Desiro sets for testing. '202 was leased in July '03 to EWS for engineers trains between Temple Mills and the Moorgate line. From late Aug. it was at the Mid-Hants and ended up working steam-banned trains to Weymouth, Ely & Stratford Upon Avon! Bt late September, all four were off-hire with SWT, 202 returning to Derby for wheelset and turbo attention. The other three moving to Ropley pending options.

By late October they had moved to Hither Green and have remained there on hire to EWS for engineering work on the weight restricted Thameslink line. 202 joined them on 7th Nov. but promptly failed again (turbo) and was returned back to Derby to receive the turbo off 33019. The locomotives have frequently worked top and tail on trains from Cricklewood to Kentish Town and Kings Cross during December 2003. In addition to these duties 33 202 found time to work Pathfinder Tours 'The Sussex Sulzers' railtour from Yeovil to Victoria and return (pictured, below, at Victoria), accompanied by 73 133 and 73 136 on the Grain/Angerstein Wharf branches on 22nd November. The following weekend saw 33 103 and 33 202 substitute for an unavailable D9016 on a Colchester - York charter on 29th November.

33202 at Victoria with 07.59 from Yeovil, The Sussex Sulzers railtour.22/11/03, photo D.Robinson
As outlined in the text above, 33202 on the 'Sussex Sulzer' railtour, 22nd Nov. 2003.
photo - D.Robinson

In order to ensure sufficient Hither Green drivers are trained on the 33's, EWS ran a further Class 33 driver training course w/c 8th December which involved 33 021 and 33 202 returning to familiar former stamping grounds working the 7Y39 0945 Hoo Junction - Eastleigh and 7Y40 return infrastructure working on 9th/10th December complete with 'SELG on Tour' headboard (see photo page).

Christmas Day saw 33 103, 33 108 and 33 202 all working engineering trains at Kings Cross Thameslink whilst 33 021 remained spare at Hither Green. With current work complete, the 33's were all returned to Hither Green before the 1st January 2004 TPWS deadline. 33 103 and 33 202 were returned to Fragonset Derby by 47 712 on 29th January for TPWS fitting prior to working a forthcoming Pathfinder Railtour on 14th February 2004 'The Tyneside Valentine' from Cardiff - York and return. 33 021 and 33 108 remain at Hither Green and will return to Derby for TPWS in due course.

The 33's will return to Thameslink Engineering duties in May 2004 where the current 4 locomotives will hopefully be joined by 33 046.

Two Fragonset Class 33's are also booked to work a further Pathfinder railtour from Swindon - Holyhead and return on 19th June 2004. Booking details are available from Pathfinder Tours at the following website,

33019 : in light of the removal of the turbo for use on 33202, 019 was beleived to be stored, pending further restoration work.

33 046 : having received a detailed repaint at Rothley (GCR), loco moved to Fragonset, Derby arriving 14th Aug.2003 and continues to await completion of its overhaul. Earmarked to return to the former Southern Region in May when Thameslink engineering recommences.

Privately Owned

33 012 : continues to be a reliable performer at the Swanage Railway and has worked frequent engineers trains on the railway during the winter break.

33 026 : cut up at Eastleigh Depot by Raxstar on 29th September 2003.It had been sold to Fragonset on a spares only basis.

33 048 : continues to be a reliable performer at the West Somerset Railway and is undergoing heat exchanger repairs over the winter break in readiness for the 2004 operating season. The locomotive is scheduled to operate on the following dates in 2004;

17th/18th April - Diesel Diagram (and Fish and Chip evening special on 17th)
7th/8th/9th May - WSR Diesel Gala
10th July - Fish and Chip evening special
21st August - Fish and Chip evening special
25th September - Fish and Chip evening special
23rd/24th October - Grand Trains Weekend

Fish and Chip specials require pre-booking.

33 051 : cut up at Eastleigh Depot by Raxstar by early October 2003. It had been sold to Fragonset on a spares only basis.

33 109 : remains undergoing a bogie/wheelset overhaul at LNWR Crewe.

33 110 : will be in action at the forthcoming Bodmin & Wenford Diesel Gala on Saturday 27th March 2004.

33 111 : at the Barrow Hill site. Started for the first time since 1991 on 15th Nov. 2003.

33 201 : in BR Green with white body stripe. Performed at the GCR Diesel Gala 19th-21st Sept. 2003, returning to the Midland Rly. Centre on 5th Nov..

33 205 : moved from Old Oak Common to Barrow Hill in July 2003 where it was cut up on 30th July by harry Needle Railroad Co. after final component recovery. 33 208 : despite a shifted tyre, continues to perform regularly at the Mid-Hants Railway and worked Santa Specials on several weekends during December 2003. The locomotive is due to take part in the 4th 'Trainspotters Ball' at the Mid-Hants Railway from 18th-20th May 2004.

Information placed Sat.13th Sept. 2003
33025 at Acton Bridge, . photo D.Robinson

33025 has recently received unclassified attention at Glasgow Springburn Works, to rectify oil leaks on the power unit. The locomotive is now back in traffic as seen here working 6F20 0825 Sellafield - Runcorn Folly Lane Tanks at Acton Bridge on 5th September 2003.
(photo - D.Robinson)

Information placed Thurs.7th Aug 2003
33207 + 37608 at Acton Bridge, . photo D.Robinson

33207 & 37608 running with the 6C20 1446 Folly Lane - Sellafield loaded tanks on 18th July 2003. Both 33207 and 33025 are still regular performers on this train. At the time, 33030 was still sidelined at Kingmoor with a seized traction motor.
(photo - D.Robinson)

Information placed Tues.24th June 2003
33025 at DRS Openday 14/6/03. photo D.Robinson

DRS held a private open day at its Kingmoor Depot & Operations Centre on Saturday 14th June. All types of DRS motive power were on display at the event and the Class 33 was well represented by 33 025, pictured here in pleasant, June sunshine.
(photo - D.Robinson)

33 207 : After nearly 2 years out of traffic at LNWR, Crewe, 207 was finally released to traffic on 5th June, working north to Carlisle with 37 038. 33 207 worked its first revenue earning train on Tues 10th June when it was paired with 33 030 on the 6F20/6C20 Sellafield - Runcorn Folly Lane Tanks. 33 207 becomes the first Crompton to have TPWS fitted.

33207, Derby Works 25/9/99, photo D.Robinson

Still bearing two-tone grey and 'Mainline' emblems, 33207 pictured at Derby Works on 25/9/99 prior to its overhaul and being out-shopped in DRS Blue in the Summer of 2000.
(photo - D.Robinson)

33 030 however, suffered a seized traction motor later the same week at Sellafield which will require a further trip to Springburn works, Glasgow by road for repairs to be carried out.

Information placed Thurs.12th June 2003

Extracts from the Newsletter issued to members in May 2003.

33 025 and 33 030 have continued to be regular performers on DRS traffic north of Crewe and will be joined by 2 further mainline Class 33's, 33 029/207 in the coming months. The workings they are most frequently to be found on include;

Tuesdays and Fridays only
6F20 0825 Sellafield - Runcorn Folly Lane (top and tail as reversal at Hartford Junction)
6C20 1446 Runcorn Folly Lane - Sellafield (top and tail as reversal at Hartford Junction).

Jump to photo/caption on this working, further down this news page

6C5 Sellafield - Heysham PS
6C52 1605 Heysham PS - Sellafield

In addition they can often be found on out and back trips from Carlisle/Sellafield such as the flasks to Hunterston PS, the weekly trip to E Steele Wagon Repairers at Hamilton and the 6K73 Sellafield - Crewe/6C53 0634 Crewe - Sellafield.

33 025 will be next Class 33 to be fitted with TPWS once 33 207 has been released back to traffic.

33 030 suffered a major failure at Whitehaven on 8th January when running light from Carlisle to Sellafield with 33 025/37605 which required it to be moved to Glasgow Works by road on 14th January for wheelset/bogie repairs. During its repair the locomotive was given a full repaint in DRS blue and lost its Minimodal branding in the process. 33 030 was released back to traffic on 1st March 2003, working back to Carlisle Kingmoor with 47237 and 20902.

33 029 remains undergoing extensive overhaul at Fragonset Derby. The majority of the bodywork repairs have now been completed with a significant amount of new metal involved! Locomotive should join the DRS mainline fleet in late summer.

33 207 moved under its own power for the first time in over 1 1/2 years on 15th April (not an April fool!) and is finally nearing the completion of its traction motor repairs/rewiring. Locomotive has also become the first Class 33 to be fitted with TPWS and was still at LNWR Crewe at the end of April with a return to mainline use imminent in May.


33 021, 33103, 33 108 and 33 202 all remain on hire to South West Trains and have all been active performing positioning moves for testing of the new Desiro units between Bournemouth and Weymouth and other testing from Strawberry Hill. 33021 has largely been active on route learning trips from Salisbury to Westbury/Bristol and Exeter in readiness for South West Trains taking over some of the passenger trains on these routes. The locomotives can generally be found at Woking, Salisbury and Bournemouth when not required for duties.

It is likely that the number of 33's on hire to Fragonset will increase to 6 later this summer as Fragonset prepare a further 2 locomotives for mainline use.

33 019 has been purchased by Fragonset from Harry Needle in late January 2003. The locomotive was moved by road from Bo'ness to Derby, complete with its 'Griffon' nameplates on 25 February arriving in Derby early on the 26 February. The locomotive is currently undergoing full restoration and mainline certification in readiness for joining its classmates on the former Southern region. Locomotive allocated BH - DF and HNCR- SDXL on 14th March 2003.

33 046 was moved by rail from Eastleigh to Carnforth for storage on 9th January along with 73104/139, top and tailed by 47701 and 47 488 running as the 0Z47 0930 Eastleigh - Carnforth. The locomotive was then moved by road to the Great Central Railway at Quorn & Woodhouse on 1st April prior to moving to Rothley Shed for bodywork repairs and repainted. Whilst this is taking place, Fragonset are overhauling a power unit and auxiliaries at Derby (using parts from 33 064) to enable the former 'Merlin' to return once more to its former Southern mainline haunts later this year!

Privately Owned

33 012 has been active at the Swanage Railway during the Spring and was fitted with the engine governor from 33 034 in late December 2002.

33 026 has been allocated to the WNSO sector - EWS sold locomotives awaiting collection on 7th February 2003 and still resides at Eastleigh.

33 034 has received a repaint into BR Blue at Norden on the Swanage Railway during January/February 2003.

33 035 is making the first steps towards an operational return as work has resumed at Barrow Hill during the spring.

33 051 has been allocated to the WNSO sector - EWS sold locomotives awaiting collection on 7th February 2003 and still resides at Eastleigh.

33 109 is finally being returned to service. After languishing out of service with shifted tyres for the past 2 years, the locomotive was moved by road from Mid-Hants Railway to LNWR, Crewe for a bogie/wheelset overhaul on 10th March. The locomotive will return to the Mid-Hants following repair.

33 110 is set to break new ground for the Class when it appears as a guest locomotive at the South Devon Railway Diesel Gala (Totnes - Buckfastleigh) on 10th / 11th May. The locomotive is also booked to work back at the Bodmin and Wenford Railway at the Steam & Diesel Gala from 24th - 26th May and will operate the Saturday diesel diagram on 7th June, 28th June and 19th July (4 returns trips per day).

33 111 is taking further significant steps to full operational restoration at Barrow Hill with attention to the traction motors taking place during the spring and the locomotive remains on course for a return to service in the summer.

33117 has now been taken out of traffic following a failure due to low oil pressure whilst working the Saturday diesel diagram at the East Lancashire Railway on 19th April. The locomotive had also suffered a ETH fault on 18th January and the decision has now been taken to stop the locomotive for full repairs including much needed external bodywork restoration. The locomotive is likely to remain out of traffic until 2005.

33 201 is in the process of being repainted in BR Green for the forthcoming Gala season and was noted at the recent Midland Railway Diesel Gala in overall green livery/white bodyside stripe with full yellow ends. The locomotive is due to take part in the 4th Annual Trainspotters Ball at the MidHants Railway on 16th/17th/18th May where it will work alongside resident D6593 (33 208).

33 205 has been allocated to the WNSO sector - EWS sold locomotives awaiting collection on 7th February 2003 and still resides at Old Oak Common.

33 208 will also be operating at the 4th Annual Trainspotters Ball at the MidHants Railway on 16th/17th/18th May. A highlight this year details the use of 33201 & 33 208 on the Queen of Scots luxury dining train on the evening of 17th May. Two round trips will take place departing Alresford at 19.30 and arriving back at 22.30. Cost details 60 per person and includes 4 course dining!

Information placed Wed. 6th May 2003
33025 with 33030 at Folly Lane, 22/4/03. photo D.Robinson

The DRS Class 33's regularly work the Tuesdays/Fridays only 6F20 0825 Sellafield - Runcorn Folly Lane and 6C20 1446 return. Workings are usually top and tail due to the reversal required at Hartford Junction to switch from the West Coast Mainline to the Liverpool line.

Here, 33 025 (and 33 030) are seen on arrival at Runcorn Folly Lane on 22nd April 2003.
(photo - D.Robinson)

Information placed Wed. 15th Jan. 2003

Fragonset-owned 33 046 has been moved from Eastleigh to Carnforth. The locomotive was moved on Thurs 9th January by 47701 & 47488 as 0Z47 0930 EH - Carnforth. Two Class 73's also acquired by Fragonset were included in the move.