Information placed Wed. 20th Nov. 2002

Big news : is the release of 33 103 'Swordfish' and 33 202 'Meteor' to traffic from Fragonset Derby on 14/11, both in Fragonset Black Livery. They are now on hire to SWT as per 33 021/108 which gives the former Southern Region four mainline Cromptons. Further details below. . .

DRS' 33 025 and 33 030 have become regular performers within the DRS mainline fleet since introduction into traffic in July. 33 025 visited the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway for their Annual Diesel Gala on 3rd/4th August and was a star performer over the two days including a pairing with 33 201! On the mainline, their fuel tank capacity has limited use to operations north of Crewe, but as the following list of workings show, the locomotives have worked a great variety of traffic to all manner of locations. Most notably, the two locomotives have been used by DRS for top and tail minimodal trials on the Settle and Carlisle line and the launch of the concept at the National Railway Museum, York in September. For the launch, both locomotives have now been ardorned with minimodal branding and logos on their bodysides. DRS has won the contract to operate future minimodal services, initially in the North of England which will undoubtedly see further Class 33 action.

Recent Workings
22/8/02 33 025 & 33 030 Sellafield - Heysham Flasks
28/8/02 33 025 & 33 030 6P55 0920 Carlisle - Carlisle via Hellifield (top and tail minimodal demonstration trial)
30/8/02 33 025 & 33 030 6D44 0746 Carlisle - Seaton
11/9/02 33 025 & 33 030 6Z33 0746 Carlisle - York NRM (top and tail with 1 x IKA and 1 x IFA for minimodal launch at NRM - 12/9)
23/9/02 33 025 & 33 030 6Z35 1030 York NRM - Carlisle via Hexham (returning minimodal wagons ex display at NRM).
8/10/02 33 025 6P44 Carlisle - Crewe
16/10/02 33 025 7C20 0812 Sellafield - Drigg
16/10/02 33 025 6P33 Barrow Ramsden Dock - Sellafield
17/10/02 33 025 6P33 Barrow Ramsden Dock - Sellafield
18/10/02 33 025 6P33 Barrow Ramsden Dock - Sellafield

The normal reporting number is 6C24 so 6"P"33 would indicate it to be a special movement, possibly a trial for a single loco as usually booked for two locomotives?

26/10/02 33 025 & 33 030 (hauling 37 605/029) 1400 Glasgow Works - Carlisle
30/10/02 33 025 & 20 312 & 20 309 6K73 Sellafield - Crewe Basford Hall
31/10/02 33 025 & 20310 & 20314 6C53 0634 Crewe Basford Hall - Sellafield
31/10/02 33 025 & 20 310 & 20314 6K73 Sellafield - Crewe Basford Hall
6/11/02 33 025 & 33 030 6C52 1605 Heysham PS - Sellafield
8/11/02 33 025 & 33 030 7C70 0812 Sellafield - Drigg
14/11/02 33 025 & 33 030 6S53 0435 Carlisle - Hunterston PS
15/11/02 33 025 & 33 030 6C22 06.56 Carlisle- Sellafield

33 029 remains undergoing extensive overhaul at Fragonset Derby.

33 207 still remains under repair at LNWR Crewe, with both cabs being rewired and has had a further repaint in DRS blue. Indications are that this locomotive will be returned to traffic before the end of the year.

Privately Owned
33 012 was taken out of traffic after working the last firework special on 3rd August to enable a full engine overhaul to take place at Norden(see detailed report provided by Dave Blandford in this newsletter). This was completed in early November with the locomotive being successfully started up on ?th November. Its first booked workings following repair will be at the Swanage Diesel Gala on Sunday 24th November 2002.

33 019 performed well at the recent Bo'ness and Kinniel Diesel Gala on 7th/8th September and once again was adorned with Motherwell 'Anvil' depot plaques on the Sunday.

33 021 continues to be on hire to South West Trains, normally based at Woking and has been used in late Summer, Autumn on a variety of empty stock and crew training runs on the South Western division. Most notably the locomotive was used to draw engineering trains between Woking and Surbiton on 14th September as no run round facilities were available.
The 33 worked;

6Z27 1109 Woking - Chobham (66 116 on rear)
6Z29 1509 Woking - Cobham (66 XXX on rear)

More recently, 33 021 has been noted in early November shunting barrier wagons in Clapham Junction Yard possibly in readiness for the commencement of delivery of the new Desiro stock for South West Trains. Locomotive has also received crests above its nameplates in July 2002 depicting a bird in flight.

33 102 has seen use this summer and autumn at the Churnet Valley Railway operating the majority of the diagrams at the Diesel Gala on 28th/29th September following the failure of the Class 20 on the Sunday. The locomotive was also hired for the day on 6th November to celebrate a 33rd birthday! Currently has 6513 also adorned on one bodyside.

33 103 has been repaired at Fragonset, Derby in late October and outshopped in Fragonset black livery. Locomotive has also been named 'Swordfish' at Fragonset, Derby prior to being released to traffic. 33 103/202 were moved south in the consist of the 5Z33 1030 Derby - Bristol Parkway (departed Derby at 1241) with 5 mk2 coaches in tow to join 33 021/108 on hire to South West Trains. The 33's then worked under their own power to Westbury. The next day they were collected from Westbury by 33 108 and hauled to Bournemouth depot as 5Z88 0835 Westbury - Bournemouth TMD to commence their hire with South West Trains.

33 108 operated a number of passenger workings between Waterloo and Alton on Sunday 28th July in conjunction with the Alton 150 celebrations. The locomotive continues to be on hire to South West Trains, normally based at Woking and as with 33 021, has been used in late summer and autumn on a variety of empty stock and crew training runs in readiness for use as winter thunderbirds and for moving/delivering the new Desiro stock. On 14th October, the locomotive worked 2P83 2345 Waterloo - Portsmouth from West Byfleet to Portsmouth after the unit hit objects on the track. As reported above, on 15th November the locomotive worked to Westbury to collect 33 103/202 and take them to Bournemouth TMD.

In addition, South West Trains will be extending crew training on 33's to Salisbury drivers in the coming weeks so their range of use will increase and bring the sight and sound of the Class back to Salisbury for the first time in many years!

33110 has continued to operate at the Bodmin and Wenford Railway including the Diesel Gala on 22nd/23rd September. The locomotive has also been back out on the mainline, albeit hauled from Bodmin to St Blazey to take part in an EWS staff open day. The locomotive has since returned to Bodmin General.

33 111 was fully repainted into BR blue in time for display at the Barrow Hill BR Blue Diesel Weekend in October. Internal restoration continues which will hopefully be complete in the first half of 2003.

33 117 has had its electrical wiring repairs completed and has seen considerable weekend activity at the East Lancashire Railway, notably at the September Diesel Gala when it had the misfortune to be paired with 66 607 for one trip. The locomotive has since operated the Diesel diagram on 2nd/3rd November and is scheduled to work at the Sulzer Day on Sunday 19th January 2003.

33 201 has played a starring role all summer since its return to operation in June. Its latest outings have been at the Keighley and Worth Valley Diesel Gala on 3rd/4th August where it was paired for one return trip with DRS 33 025 and handled the 2 Saturday night beerex's in style. Its lasted outing was back at its home base at the Midland Railway Centre Diesel Gala on 28th/29th September. Hopefully it may visit other preserved railways in 2003!

33 202 has been repaired and mainline certified at Fragonset Derby having been bought by Fragonset from a private owner earlier in the year. The locomotive has been outshopped in Fragonset black livery and returned to traffic on 14th November 2002 and was allocated to the SDFR pool on the same day. The locomotive has also been named 'Meteor' prior to being released to traffic. On 14th November, 33 103/202 were towed south in the consist of 5Z33 1030 Derby - Bristol Parkway (departed Derby at 1241) with 5 mk2 coaches to join 33 021/108 on hire to South West Trains. The 33's then worked under their own power to Westbury. The next day they were collected from Westbury by 33 108 and hauled to Bournemouth depot as 5Z88 0835 Westbury - Bournemouth TMD to commence their hire with South West Trains.

Information placed Thursday 26th Sept. 2002

33 019 performed superbly at the Bo'ness and Kinneil Gala weekend where it worked several return trips on both Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th September, either solo or in multiple/tandem with 25 235 and 26 024.

Photos by D.Robinson
33019 back at Boness after working top'n tail with 26024, 7/9/02 19.00 Beerex return to
 Birkhill 019 basks in the sunshine on Sun.8/9/02
33 019 arrived back at Boness after working
top and tail with 26 024 on the Saturday
evening 19.00 Beerex return to Birkhill.
33 019 basking in the sun between
duties on Sunday 8th

The loco carries a Motherwell 'Anvil' plaque in recognition of the depot that became its home for nearly two years between Oct 99 and May 2001 when it was the spares donor for 33 025/030 during their time on shunting/local trip operations for EWS based in Aberdeen.
The final departure from Bo'ness of the Gala weekend saw the traditional triple headed combination of newly restored 31 327, 33019 and 26 024 providing the power!

Photos by D.Robinson
33117 at ELR Diesel gala, 14th Sept. D.Robinson 33 117 at the recent East Lancs Diesel Gala on Saturday 14th September waiting to depart top and tail with 45 135 on the 0945 Bury - Irwell Vale and return.
33 117 is scheduled to be taken out of traffic in the near future for bodywork attention and repaint.
117 earlier in 2002, 11th May on 11am Bury - Ramtenstall.
photo D.Robinson Earlier in 2002, 11th May to be precise, 117 was working the diesel roster on the East Lancs., pictured here with the 11am Bury - Rawtenstall. It suffered a wiring fault during their July Diesel Gala but was rectified, as the September picture testifies. Recent indications are it's due out again on 2/3 Nov'02.

Information placed Thursday 26th Sept. 2002

33025 & 030
33 030 and 33 025 have been used by DRS to launch the new Minimodal freight service at the NRM, York on 12th September (see picture in Rail Express, published September). 33 030 had 'Minimodal' applied in white lettering to its bodyside. For the record, they worked top n tail 0746 6Z33 Carlisle - York NRM with 1xIKA & 1xIFA.

Information was flying around on Wed. 25th Sept. that 33025/030 were due out , that day, on 6Z35 10.30 York NRM - DRS Kingmoor, with the minimodal wagons that had been on display at the NRM. Presumed they were top 'n' tailed like inward working as described above.

33 012 will hopefully mark its return fresh from engine overhaul (currently being carried out at Norden on the Swanage Railway) at the Swanage Diesel Gala on Sunday 24th November.

33 103 & 33 202 are currently being repaired at Fragonset, Derby but should be ready in the next month and will be joining 33 021 & 33 108 on hire to South West Trains.

33 102 is due out at the Churnet Valley Gala at Cheddleton on the weekend of 28th/29th September.

Information placed 13th Aug. 2002

33025 out and about in July/Aug.
Released in its new guise of DRS blue, the locomotive left Glasgow Works on 9th July following repairs and repaint, collected by fellow DRS Blue Crompton, 33 030 (itself released on 12th June). Both locomotives are now in the XHSD sector, allocated to KD, Kingmoor. 33 025 has already been working off Kingmoor on DRS Flask traffic and following returning from Hunterston with 37 602 on 19th July, 33 025 was then required to rescue failed 87 002 on 1S75 12.30 Euston - Glasgow from Eden loop, north of Penrith, to Carlisle!

The associated photos taken by D.Robinson show 33 025 as a star performer at the Keighley and Worth Valley Diesel Gala on 3rd/4th August 2002.

33 025 and 20 308 backing onto the 12.15 Oxenhope - Keighely at Oxenhope.
33 025 and 20 308 backing onto the 12.15 Oxenhope - Keighely at Oxenhope 3/8/02
photo- D.Robinson

33 025 and 20 308 arrived back at Oxenhope with the 13.00 Keighley - Oxenhope.
33 025 and 20 308 arrived back at Oxenhope with the 13.00 Keighley - Oxenhope 3/8/02 photo- D.Robinson

33 201 made its passenger debut in preservation at the Midland Railway Centre on 22nd/23rd June. The Crompton went on to complete its first workings on a different Heritage Railway during the East Lancs Diesel Gala, 3rd - 7th July. The photo below shows the 'Dutch' liveried locomotive having arrived at Irwell Vale with the 12.30 Bury - Irwell Vale on 5th July 2002. 201 has since also been a performer at the Keighley and Worth Valley Diesel Gala. Photo - D.Robinson.

33201 at Irwell Vale, East Lance Rly., Diesel gala week, 5th July. Photo D.Robinson

Information placed 13th June 2002

The Rhins & Machars Crompton railtour. : On 17th/18th May the prescribed railtour ran from Crewe to Scotland and back, notching up in excess of 800 miles of Crompton haulage. The full, illustrated story can be found on a separate page - CLICK HERE TO GO STRAIGHT THERE.

33019 at Bo'ness
33019 departed Motherwell, arriving at Bo'ness at 21.55 on 3rd May 2002. After attention to batteries, air tanks and various other components the locomotive worked its first train in preservation on the night of 4th May when it worked 19.00 Bo'ness - Birkhill in tandem with another locomotive. 019 had Griffon plates refitted on 5th May along with Motherwell depot plaques. 33019 is pictured at Bo'ness on 9th May with another BRC&W product, 27001.

33019 at Bo'ness with 27001 - 9th May 2002. photo- D.Robinson
(photo: D.Robinson)

Information placed 18th Feb. 2002

Gloucs. & Warks. Rly. Gala - 22/2 to 24/2 inc. : details of the timetables to be used over the three days have been released. Two patterns each day are in place to allow for 33202 running or not. At the time of writing, there was reported to be an 80% chance of it operating during the Gala, although strenuous efforts were still ongoing in an effort to have it ready. As always, proposed operations are subject to availability, cancellation or rescheduling.

Information placed 11th Feb. 2002

33 025 & 33 030 : were moved from Motherwell to Carlisle Kingmoor on 4th February by 20 901 and 20 902.

Information updated 2nd Feb. 2002

33111 : departed St Leonards by road on 30th January 2002 destined for Barrow Hill.

33019 : is destined to move to the Boness and Kinneil Railway for restoration and operation (possibly in a similar arrangement to 33 202 at the GWR?). The first preserved Class 33 in Scotland!

Information Received 30th Jan. 2002

33202 : was moved from Eastleigh Depot to Southampton Western Docks on Thursday 24th January as 0Z12 1159 EH - Soton W Docks by 60073 and 58047. Locomotive was then loaded onto a low loader and moved by road arriving on the Gloucs. & Warks. Rly., Toddington on the morning of 25th January 2002.

202 requires attention to triple pump and various other faults but it is hoped to have these rectified in time to use the loco at the forthcoming GWR Diesel Gala on 22nd-24th February.

Information placed 16th Jan. 2002

Privately Owned
33 108 - whilst on hire to SWT on 4th December the locomotive suffered a traction motor failure. The locomotive was taken to Wimbledon for initial assessment before being moved back to Fragonset, Derby on 13th December for repair. The repairs were completed on 10th January and the locomotive has now been hired to Virgin Trains from 15th January for a four week period for route learning between Crofton, Wakefield, Stalybridge and Preston. The locomotive was scheduled to leave Derby on 15th January running as 0Z33 12.15 Derby Crofton to commence duties.

33 111 - destined to move from St Leonards where it has been undergoing restoration for the last 10 years, to its new home at Barrow Hill Roundhouse during January/February for restoration to be completed.

33 117 - still in increasingly faded blue livery, the locomotive is booked to operate the Saturday diesel roster on 9th February 2002 (5 return workings from Bury to Rawtenstall).

33202 for Gloucestershire - reports are that 33 202 is set to move into preservation for the short term at least, at the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway, on loan from Harry Needle for a period of one year. Subject to being in suitable operational condition, it is hoped that the locomotive will make its passenger debut at their Diesel Gala on February 22nd-24th.

Following the placement on the tender list in Autumn 2001, the final 8 Class 33's owned by EWS have all been sold with most details confirmed in December and shown below;

Locomotive - Current Location - Purchaser
33 019 - Motherwell - Harry Needle Railroad Company.
33 025 - Motherwell - Direct Railway Services Ltd.
33 026 - Eastleigh Airport Sidings - Harry Needle Railroad Company.
33 030 - Motherwell - Direct Railway Services Ltd.
33 046 - Eastleigh Airport Sidings - Fragonset Railways.
33 051 - Eastleigh - Harry Needle Railroad Company.
33 116 - Old Oak Common - National Railway Museum.
33 202 - Eastleigh - Harry Needle Railroad Company

Additional notes : The onward fate of the locomotives under new ownership is likely to be mixed. Happily, no sooner was 33 116 placed on the tender list than it was subsequently removed and claimed by the National Railway Museum at York for the National Collection. 33 025/030 are likely to be restored to full main line operational use by DRS in view that they are intact and certainly in better condition than their other Class 33's purchased from Harry Needle in December 2000. 33 019 could also be restored to operational use whilst 33 026/046/051 are likely to be broken up for scrap/spares as they are all extensively stripped.

Also included here are details of a railtour being organised by 33 111 group, from Crewe to Stranraer and back on 17/18th May - full details are on the Pathfinder Tours website (link and tel. no.'s at the bottom of this item).

33 111 Charters - The Rhines & Mackarys Crompton
33111 Charters have organised their first railtour taking a pair of Class 33's into further unchartered Scottish territory; The Rhines & Mackarys Crompton will run on Friday 17th/Saturday 18th May 2002 and take 2 x Class 33 to Stranraer and Ardrossan Harbours together with a visit to Glasgow Central outward over the Settle and Carlisle and return via the West Coast Mainline. A Class 56 will assist on the branches.
Requested Route (Approx. times) as follows:
2 x 33:
Crewe (1930 pu) - Rugeley - Cannock - Aston - Stetchford - Birmingham International (2100 - 2130 pu) - Birmingham New Street (2145 pu) - Wolverhampton (2200 pu) - Stafford (2225 pu) - Crewe (2300 pu) - Warrington B Q - Wigan N W - Faringdon Curve - Blackburn - Hellifield - Blea Moor - Carlisle - Dumfries - Annbank Jn - Falkland Yard (assisting engine attached at rear) - Ardrossan Harbour (rev)
1 x 56:
Ardrossan Harbour - Ayr - Stranraer Harbour (0900)
2 x 33:
Stranraer Harbour (1045) - Ayr - Paisley - Glasgow Central (1330 - 1540) - Motherwell - Carstairs - Carlisle - Lancaster - Preston - Wigan N W - Warrington B Q - Crewe (2008 sd) - Stafford (2035) - Wolverhampton (2055) - Birmingham New Street (2121) - Aston - Bushbury Jn - Stafford - Crewe (2245)
Fares: Standard Class 49, First Class 60

Bookings to be made through Pathfinder Tours, link and telephone numbers are:

01453 835414 bookings and info.
01453 836538 recorded news updates