Items are in roughly date order (older stuff tends to be nearer the top)


On Saturdays 5th February, 19th February, 18th March 2000 there are two Class 33 diagrams to be worked by 33 021 and 33 103 and are as follows:
Loco 1 - 0757 Crewe - Cardiff, 1745 Cardiff - Crewe
Loco 2 - 0835 Crewe - Cardiff, 1845 Cardiff - Crewe
As ever - workings are subject to loco availability, may change on the day and may be extended to Manchester and/or re-timed subject to kick off times of the specific games.

Note that on 5/2/00 33103 actually returned with a 19.15 train from Cardiff. A class 47 ('Guy Fawkes') not the second Crompton was also in use that day on another set of stock. The timings, above, are merely a guide.

33025 and 33030
A TOPS report dated 25th February 2000 contained the following:
33025 : out of traffic, Aberdeen station sdgs - oil leak expected ok 22.00 28/2
33030 : 6H54 13.12 Aberdeen - Elgin Enterprise

33 038 (Stratford), 33 205 and 73 126 (both Old Oak Common) have been placed on the latest tender list - closing dates for bids is the 9/3/2000. Tender forms indicate that the bogies are not included on the two Cromptons.

Mid-Hants Diesel Gala
Plans for the Gala on the 4th and 5th of March include the line's own fleet of 33208, 33109, 27007 and 45132 boulstered by Mirlees-engined 37906 and a Class 57.

Celtic Cromptons
33 025 and 33 030 have finally moved to Aberdeen and are designated into a new sector pool from 19/12/99: WSAC - EWS Class 33 Aberdeen Shunting Pool.
Locos allocated to Motherwell and will return for major exams/repairs. Typical reports of the pair working in multiple:
6H54, 13.12 Aberdeen to Elgin and 6A11 19.15 return on both Fri 7th Jan and Monday 10th January.

Needle Cromptons moving to Barrow Hill (not Derby as info dated 12/5) (info dated 12th + 30th May 2000)
33002 noted at 16.25 8th May on the M6 jcn.16 on route to the A50.
33029 + 053 noted at the Heritage Centre on low-loaders Fri 5/5 and seen on the A50 going South on the 6th May.
33008 + 057 are not at the Heritage Centre and have moved. Presumably 33023 is still at Crewe.
33035 has moved from Crewe Carriage Shed to the Heritage Centre prior to moving to Barrow Hill.
The railway press have been indicating 33026/046 & 051 moved to Old Oak on 29/3/00. Evidence still awaited - the jury is out on that one.

33030 to the Rescue
As reported in the railway press, for the record 33030 was called upon to save the bacon of 66023 when it failed on the afternoon Aberdeen - Doncaster Enterprise, taking the whole lot as far as Millerhill.

33 109 & 33 208 worked the railtour from Alton to Chester and back on Sat 20th May 2000.

33109+208 at Chester, 20/5/00. photo - A.French
Above, 33109 & 33208 are pictured at Chester. Photo - A.French.

D6593 (33 208) has suffered collision damage to cab no.1 following a shunting accident at Ropley on the afternoon of 20th July 2000 when the locomotive struck a steam engine during operations at the Mid-Hants Railway. As per the photograph below, damage is restricted to buffers and slight damage to lower cab (photo I.Kennett).

33208 with bent front-end after light collision on the M-H.R., 20/7/00. photo I.Kennett

33 030 has been working regularly at Aberdeen on local enterprise trips and shunting and with what possibly ranks as the working of the year (reported earlier on this page), the Scotrail Sleeper service, 21.40 Aberdeen Euston from Aberdeen to Dundee on 10th October 2000 following the failure of 47 732 at Aberdeen. The 47 remained in the train to provide heat. Replaced at Dundee by 47 790, 33 030 returned light engine to Aberdeen.

33 025 and 33 030 are used as required in the Aberdeen area on shunting and trip workings depending on weekly traffic flows (see pic's page). The regular enterprise trip workings they are often found on are as follows;

6A12 0726 SX Aberdeen Guild St - Montrose 0819
6A13 1020 SX Laurencekirk - Aberdeen Guild St 1102
6H54 1440 SX Aberdeen Guild St - Huntly 1741
6A11 1950 SX Huntly - Aberdeen Guild St 2111

Note: Elgin is now served by a trip working from Inverness.

33030 on Sleeper stock!
33 030 worked the 1B16 21.40 Aberdeen - Edinburgh Sleeper portion as far as Dundee on Tuesday 10th October 2000! Derailment further south prevented a rescue EWS 47/67 getting to Aberdeen in time!


33 030 suffered an exhauster fire on 16/1/01 whilst working 6A11 Huntly - Aberdeen. (apparently the fuel racks were stuck over resulting in the engine operating at full revs!).
Loco planned to be moved today 17/1 to Motherwell for repair assessment (parts from 33 019) More details to follow!

33 025 has been out of service at Motherwell since the 24th November 2000 with engine problems - not expected OK until 21st January 2001 (from TOPS). A Class 37 has been outbased at Aberdeen to cover the Crompton duties!

33 034 was moved from Ludgershall to the Swanage Railway over the 8th/9th January. The loco's restoration will be undertaken by the 71A locomotive group and is expected to take three years.

DRS Purchases Class 33's from Harry Needle
DRS have purchased 9 Class 33's from HNRC. The deal was finalised on December 15th 2000. The locomotives concerned and their current locations are:-
33002 Barrow Hill
33008 Barrow Hill
33023 Carlisle Kingmoor (arrived from Barrow Hill by road - 12/12/00)
33029 Carlisle Kingmoor (arrived from Barrow Hill by road - 14/12/00)
33053 Barrow Hill
33057 Barrow Hill
33203 Medowhall
33205 Old Oak Common
33207 Fragonset Works Derby (expected to be moved to Kingmoor shortly)

It is not known at present which locomotives will returned to service and which will be broken up for spares. It is safe to assume that derilict 33 205 at Old Oak Common will be one of the locomotives broken up for spares.

South West Trains (SWT) Driver Training SWT hired D6593 (33 208) for driver training on Tuesday 9th January and Thursday 11th January 2001. The locomotive worked two return trips from Guildford to Ascot each day as follows;
5Z61 1010 Guilford - Ascot 5Z62 1105 Rtn. 5Z63 1220 Guilford - Ascot 5Z64 1350 Rtn.

Items Added on 6th Feb. 2001

33 108 made its mainline passenger debut on Saturday 3rd February 2001 when it was allocated to work the 10.28 Crewe - Cardiff and 19.45 Cardiff - Crewe Wales & West additional services in conjunction with the 6 Nations Rugby. 33 108 outshopped in Fragonset black livery with a mid-bodyside red strip had worked from Derby to Crewe the previous day. The locomotive left Crewe on time but unfortunately failed at Hereford on the outward run and the train was terminated. 37 428 was despatched from Cardiff and hauled the Class 33 and stock to Cardiff Canton Depot. The 33 did not work the return trip.

33 108 : Into traffic 9/60 as D6521. Push-Pull fitted 18/11/66, isolated 1/91. BR Blue until 5/90, Departmental Grey 5/90 - 9/90, Dutch Grey/Yellow from 9/90. Last passenger working, 1/5/93, 10.15 Waterloo to Salisbury (Basingstoke - Salisbury). Withdrawn at Eastleigh 24/5/93 in serviceable condition and used as Depot shunter. Placed on first EWS tender list 9/96 and sold to the 33/1 Preservation Group 1/97.

In Scotland....33 019 has now been moved inside the main shed at Motherwell in connection with repairs to 33 025 (low oil pressure) and 33 030 ( exhaust fire damage). Both 33 025and 33 030 show expect OK on TOPS as 5/2/01. 33 202 has been assesed at Eastleigh as possible replacement for 33 030 but this has now been ruled out as uneconomic.

Information Received 12th Feb. 2001

33025 & 33030 WITHDRAWN!!! The end of an era? 33025 (low oil pressure) and 33030 (exhaust fire damage) were both filed as withdrawn at Motherwell Depot, timed at 07.50 on Thursday 8th February 2001. As soon as more details become available they will appear here at the first opportunity.

Information Received 11th March 2001

33026 & 33051 have been placed on a tender list, the closing date of which is the 13th April 2001. They currently reside derelict at Eastleigh, having been stripped for parts.

33038 is expected to be cut up by week ending 25th March. Also in a derelict state, the Stratford-located loco has been systematically relieved of most, if not all of its serviceable items. Six class 31's have already succumbed to the cutters at this location recently.

Information Received 4th June 2001

33207 out of Works
33 207 has been released from overhaul at Fragonset Works, Derby in full DRS Blue Livery (as carried by the DRS 37's). The locomotive left Fragonset Derby for DRS at Kingmoor behind 20903 and 20906 late afternoon on Friday 25th May.

33207 has been reinstated to the XHSD pool on the same date.

Information Received 4th July 2001

33038 cut up
A resident at Stratford for the last 12 years, 33038 finally left by road on 22nd June. Transported to EMR Kingsbury, what was left of the heavily stripped loco was broken up on 27th June.

It is believed no other Class 33 had waited so long for disposal after withdrawal, having been set aside as long ago as 3rd October 1988! The loco suffered collision damage (runaway wagons) at Snowdon Colliery, Kent, when paired with 33050 'Isle of Grain' on 5th Augiust 1988. 038 subsequently yielded parts to 050.

33038 - 18 APR 1987. 8.30 BRIGHTON - CDF. NEWPORT STN.

In better times, 33038 at Newport on the 08.30 Brighton to Cardiff. 18th April 1987.
Photo - B.Thomas

Information Received 20th July 2001

6 Cromptons move into WNZX Pool
Information has indicated that on Monday 17th July 2001 six of E.W.S.'s Class 33's were moved into the WNZX Pool. This is the Pool for locos pending disposal by tender, or chopping at Wigan. The six locos concerned are - 33019, 025, 030, 046, 116 & 202.

Info. mounted 10th Sept. 2001

33201 will NOT be performing at the Midland Railway Centre mini gala due to the air tank man saying a resounding NO! to the air tanks. Also, 201 requires an oil change amongst a few other jobs before she is ready to rasp away on the front of a train.

33108 on Mainline
Deputising for 50050 which was to have worked alone, Fragonset's 33108 was on mainline railtour duty on Sat. 25th August 2001 when running with 04.30 1Z51 'The Devonian' from Lancaster to Paignton. Originally, 108 was to pair up with 33021, however, 021 would not work in multiple, shuting down when connected. It was deemed a failure on Friday 23rd Aug. so 31602 stood in. Driver availablity problems were encountered en-route as Crompton driver knowledge appeared a bit thin on the ground. 31602 had to draw the whole train at times until a driver was picked up at Worcester. The picture sees the duo approaching Wellington, at speed, approximately 20 minutes late. Both were taking power at this point (photo - B.Thomas)

31602 + 33108 near Wellington, 25th Aug. 2001. The Devonian - photo B.Thomas

Information Received w/c 27th Aug. 2001

33116 for N.R.M.
33116 has been withdrawn from the tender list (advert 29) as detailed in the paragraph below and is, therefore, not for sale. The Railway Heritage Committee has designated the locomotive and following representations from the National Railway Museum, it is proposed the loco be donated to the National Collection.

Information Received w/c 5th Nov. 2001

33108 on Mainline
33108 has been hired by SWT as a snow 'Thunderbird' locomotive (just as they used 33 208 last year). Loco will be based at Woking and was due to operate the following driver refresher trains on Sunday 4th November 2001.

0Z70 07.24 Woking to Fulwell via Clapham Yard, Waterloo and East Putney
0Z71 09.04 Fulwell to Fulwell via East Putney, Waterloo and East Putney
0Z72 10.44 (as 0Z71)
0Z73 13.13 Fulwell to Woking via East Putney, Waterloo and Staines

Confirmation has been received of the first timetabled Class 33 passenger train on the former NSE for nearly ten years!
33 108 pushed the 2A76 22.30 Alton - Waterloo from Woking (via Chertsey) to Waterloo returning the empties to Wimbledon Park, on the night of Sunday 4th November!

On 6th November, 33108 was due to work the following diagram:-
09.52 Alton - Waterloo (from Farnham)
11.26 Waterloo Guildford
12.27 Guildford Ascot
13.53 Ascot Guildford
14.52 Guildford Waterloo

33 029 was moved by road on 24/10/01 from Carlisle Kingmoor to Fragonset Derby...possible overhaul?

Information added 12th Nov. 2001

33012 in action 25th November.
Information has been received advising that 33012 will be in operation on the Swanage Railway on 25th November 2001. It is intended to use the loco on the following services:-
ex-Swanage - 9.55, 11.05, 12.15, 13.25, 14.35
ex-Norden - 10.30, 11.40, 12.50, 14.00, 15.10

A Day Rover ticket can be purchased for 10.

updated - Wednesday 5th December 2001

33048 is programmed to work on the weekend of 7th/8th Dec.
It is intended to use the loco on the following services over sections of the West Somerset Railway:-

Friday 7th December.
19.00 Minehead-Crewe (piloting 56 from Minehead to Bishops Lydeard) - Pathfinder Rail Tour.

Saturday 8th December.
Top and tail with steam (GWR Manor) on the following trains from Bishops Lydeard to Crowcombe and return:
1015, 1150, 1350, 1525 then:
1745 Bishops Lydeard-Minehead (double headed with steam)
2145 Minehead-Bishops Lydeard (double headed with steam)

33 108 continues to be out and about on the Southern. This morning (5/12) it worked with 73 109 on the 05.56 Woking - Portsmouth.

Completely un-coroborated is some info received via email, indicating 108 might be out and about on Sunday 8th. This is how it goes:-
This is the gen I have on 33108's jaunt around the SWT area on Sunday. Once again the proviso that this is subject to SWT operational requirements on the day, so may change at any point.
Loco at the country (not London) end all day.
08.00 Woking - Waterloo (Additional) non stop to form
08.48 Waterloo - Sheperton service to form
10.07 Sheperton - Waterloo service to form
11.23 Waterloo - Basingstoke service to form
12.54 Basingstoke - Waterloo service to form
14.36 Waterloo - Epsom service to form
15.25 Epsom - Waterloo service to form
16.26 Waterloo - Woking via Chertsey (aditional)
Normal SWT fares apply.