73101 at Kidderminster 23rd Jan08.

73101 makes one of its first public appearances on 23rd Jan/08 after its extra-ordinary 'Pullman' paintjob. The loco received the repaint in early 2008, at the Severn Valley Rly. after '101 had spent a chunk of 2007 at the SVR assisting in the repairs to the SVR's calamatous flood damage of June in that year. (photo - L.Wayman)

73101 departs Oldland, Avon Valley Rly., working the 1120 to Avon Riverside, 13/4/07, a few months before 101 was whisked away to the SVR.
(photo Joe Bloggs/www.preserved-diesels.co.uk)

73101 at Norchard, 27th June 2004.

73101 pictured at Norchard on 27th June 2004 during the Charity Gala just weeks after arriving at the DFR. The Pullman-liveried ED required some attention but not a great deal, to return it to operational condition. Pre-TOPS E6007 is the first of the 'JB' series of ED's, hence its purchase, tieing in with E6001 (the original 'JA' which is also under DFDA ownership).

73101 at Norchard, 27th June 2004.

Pictured above, E6006 arrives at Norchard passing 73101 adjacent to Norchard box, 27/6/04. Photo - D.Hurd.

73101, Norchard, 27-6-04. photo M.Cornick

'The Royal Alex', pictured by M.Cornick during the Charity Gala, June 2004. Note that the nameplates carried by '101 are replicas cast from the very same moulds as the originals.