31210 aka D5634 in Lydney Yd., Dec 2002. photo D.Hughes

D5634/31210 in its green primer, pictured in Lydney Yd., December 2002. (photo D.Hughes).

2nd March 2007 - 31210 Under Restoration
all photos by B.Thomas
Number 2 end and cab. This will most likely form the last part of the bodywork restoration. Note that there aren't a lot of fittings left in the driver's desk.
31210, cab #2, restoration yet to start. Photo B.Thomas
31210, power unit and generator 02mar07. Photo B.Thomas
With the main roof section removed, the power unit has been partly stripped and then tarp'd over, waiting further attention. Class 31 cab rooves are integral to the cab hence they remain in situ.
31210, power unit tarp'd over. 02mar07.  Photo B.Thomas
31210, welded steel on cooling fan air intake area. 02mar07 Photo B.Thomas
Above, some of the new metal welded into place around the cooler group air intakes. This is just one part of the bodywork restoration as the age-old tin worm has broken out in lots of places. See the work taking place on cab 1, further down.

Below, the concrete 'boiler' basicly acting as ballast. At least it has low water consumption and you don't need to worry about the steam pressure.

31210, concrete boiler acting as ballast. 02mar07.  Photo B.Thomas
31210, cab 1 under restoration. 02mar07.  Photo B.Thomas
A serious amount of steel has been, and is being, replaced in cab 1, stripped out virtually back to the frames. There is nothing to suggest that cab 2 will not need to receive the same treatment.
31210, cab 1 under restoration. 02mar07.  Photo B.Thomas
31210, cab 1 front under restoration. 02mar07.  Photo B.Thomas
End #1 restoration in full flow - there is still a bit of welding required around the former footplate gangway door area.
31210, cab 1 frontage under restoration. 02mar07.  Photo B.Thomas

31210 @ Canton, during openday 6th Jul 1985. Photo B.Thomas
6th July 1985 : at Cardiff Canton's 'GWR 150' Open Day were numerous locomotives on display, but the three class 31's sidelined around the old coaling stage were not part of it. 31210 seen here, was one of the threesome, put to one side in a dispute whereby Canton men refused to refuel them. (photo B.Thomas)