08473 at Lydney Jcn., stored for spares. 17/5/03 Photo-B.Thomas

08473, stored under tarpaulin sheets at Lydney Jcn. pictured on 17th May 2003.

This is a potted summary (with large gaps) and is open to debate and amendment:-

Pre-TOPS D3588, noted allocated to Newton Heath (26A) in 1958 & 1974, Crewe 1975 - 1986, wdn. 27/2/86, a period in store at Cardiff (still there in 1990). 1990-2001 unknown (possibley Leicester area?). Sold to TJ Thompson, Stockton, and reported as cut up 3/01. Actually moved to DFR (top cut off at TJT's?) around this time after acquiring radiator from 08515 when this was broken up by TJT at Gateshead depot in the same period.

08473 chassis and radiator of 08515

The loco is now little more than a rolling chassis, having no power unit, generator, cab and numerous fittings. The wheelsets are in good condition and will be yielded to 08734 at the appropriate time.
(photos - B.Thomas)

The radiator from scrapped 08515 mounted on 473   The cab was burnt off from the chassis. The handbrake still remains.

The radiator as removed from scrapped 08515 and mounted on 08473. The cab was burnt off 473's chassis making tarpaulins a necessity to keep the weather out of what remains.